Sunday, June 21, 2009

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service...

So Ryan's grandparents came yesterday and took he and Steve to lunch
At a swanky German Joint
Not knowing Ryan was not dressed for the occasion
What makes this odd, is that Ryan is always Mr. Fashion around here
Overdressed is an understatement
Anyways, the waiter offered Ryan one of those neato chef jackets
And said he could stay if he wore it...
And he did...
With most of the joint giving him the "look at this clown" look

Never one to miss a chance to rub salt in
I made a special sign for A.O.'s tonight

Before anyone gets their panties bound up
No one at the Bar B Q has any racial prejudice
We just have a ton of un PC humor
And keep in mind we pick on everyone equally

Because Ryan is 1/4 Chinese and 3/4 Italian
He was lucky enough to dine wearing this...

I feel it is the most stylish thing he has worn of late
Luckily Luigi Chan was a temp manager and we are back to the original

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