Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blog Week In Review...

Well it has been tough beat after tough beat this week
On the blogs mentioning the Mighty KM show
I have chimed in here and there
I was also censored by one blog
Odd because I felt my comment, which was a quote, really hit home
I guess the San Francisco Treat doesn't like his critiquing critiqued

Here is the quote:
"Life is simpler ignoring reviews, and the nasty people that write them. Critics should find meaningful work"
John Grisham

I am well aware that critiquing is essential to gain greatness
We all know you can't putz along in life believing everything
You do is great, or you will accomplish nothing great
I always listen when people say what they don't like about something
And try to figure out what they "DO" like about it

Lets review the reviews
On Clown alley
My friend Pat Cashin...that is rite MY FRIEND
Starts by pointing out that his "FRIENDS" Steve, Ryan, Natalie, and I
Are doing a great job
This can't carry too much weight, because like I said, WE ARE FRIENDS
I feel confident that our acts are GREAT, but just the same, he is a friend
Pat then mentions what he didn't like
That would be the rest of the show to the untrained eye
But if you read between them
It is something else
They control the pacing, the zip, the pizazz, the pitches
He doesn't like that
Maybe there is an underlying beef from last year
I don't know, he never told me there was
But I know human nature to know that is where this gun was aimed
I just don't know why
I agree with Pat on some of the issues he points out
And think they are fixable
But to the untrained eye this review comes off as
Sour Grapes of yesterday's wine

Next we have the San Fran Review Board
Professional Circus and Theater Critic!!
The man who knows
The man so in the know he can critique shows he has never even seen
I feel you will all be quite impressed!
Showbiz speculates that three years out,,,JRNII's boat is sunk
He is basing that on two youtube clips, and the reviews of some disgruntled
Circus folks.
This guy is good
My personal favorite is that he then posts a rescue 12 step program for shows
Which I assume he has at least run one if not owned a few
He is obviously clueless as he makes the remark

"This sort of a show might work fine for the
niche public it serves down the road"

Hey bonehead, those are the only people that matter really
I have yet to ever enter the tent to find the seats filled
With circus fans and fly by night circus critics
Has never happened
The nice things about this guy not liking the show he hasn't seen is
1: We aren't losing a customer, he has never bought a ticket
2: His blog is not read by many others, certainly none of our
niche public, so his word of mouth advertising won't hurt either

Hey Showbiz who knows about advertising now?!?!

We also had alot of pictures run on Buckles this week
Some had commentary
Mostly good feedback and some honest critiquing
All in all it was a good week here on the show
Lots of people
We all got paid on Sunday without any song or dance
And the grill had meat all 7 nights
I am sure there are tons of improvements to be made here
As there are on any show
But just the same I am proud to say I work here
And to not have to knock it from a distance like others.

Please amongst yourselves...


Tom Wilds said...

Way to go, Casey

Mireille. said...

there will always be some one that like to cut your throat.
it is a prove that they are so jealous.
but it is fine, the smart people ,and there are many.
know the truth.
you are doing a super great job, we all know that.
sincerely Mireille.

Ben T said...

Can't think of a show Dave ever liked. But I think he has it in for jEN.

Tejano said...

From a blog I read on a semi weekly basis. I got into circus blogs when I was told about Steve and Ryans, then came over here, and I keep up with two more. Any more than that and it may be too much.

Anyways, here is what they wrote. The blogger is in a circus and seems to have a high regard for the KM ppl. The "cat" person is either you or Cat Deloach.

I really wish I had seen you guys when you were in McAllen, Texas. Next year I won't miss it.

Quote: Further notes. According to the cat guy on Kelly Miller the empty dates that have been reported have been filled and Kelly Miller is doing fantastic business in New Jersey before heading into New England with a stop and dates at the Big E. Great news. Kelly Miller is still the cream of the crop as far as traditional tented circus goes this season and kudos to Mr. North, Mr. Royal and company for getting it down the road.

nuff said. :)

Adaline said...

There is always room for your posts on vox. However, I'm considering changing home sites soon.

The internet is an equalizer and you can counter a review. And, that is a new dimension that reviewers have not yet, weaved into their formulas.

Keep up the good work and your transparency.

Michael Newton-Brown said...

Hey Casey, the link on the leap frong video isn't working for me.
Ahhhh reviewers. I direct and design shows, have for many years, and I read reviews once, then throw them away. Having the respect of my peers is what means the most. Some things are out of my control, and management issues. Remember, most critics "write about the things they cannot do."
I sure wish i could see your show, and come BBQ with you.

Jack Ryan said...

My old buddy Michael Newton - hyphen - Brown hit the nail on the head with his comments about critics.

From what I can see from the YouTube clips, you're doing great, Casey. Same goes for that dynamic duo of devilish dunderheads. (Pardon. My alliterations are showing.)

I'll join you at AO, Michael, and will even bring the booze.

Ned said...

great come back its funny that some cridics can blast a show or a act and the public will thing its the greatest thing they have ever seen guess its all in one's prespective
so I guess we can not rely on their comments and only take it as their opinion and not let them guide the rest of us

Ned K

Pat Cashin said...


Send me the link to Showbiz Dave's review of KM. I can't find it on his site.

Which YouTube clips did he see?

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Not really a review, more of a prediction of lameness.

Guess we should brace ourselves for a Titanic type scenario,,,haha

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