Monday, June 08, 2009

Black Beard's Cave...

Bayville was good this year
Great crowds both days
The lot was still awful
Lots of glass in the gravel lot we show
Cats had to work on the ring mat
Shonti and Tora had never been on a mat
They were a little unsure at first
By the second show they were fine

After the show we headed over to Black Beards Cave
A little amusement park up the street
Had a blast of course
Our trip started with some trespassing

Then we finally found a helmet to fit over Radar's ears...

Then Stave and Ryan beat on each other

Then Ryan was confused over which clown was a garbage can...

I found this pimped out ride...

They closed the Ryan COmbs ride... (Lack of business no doubt)

Then we all tried to look like pirates...

All in all it was a great time
Till we ate
At the worst Chinese joint in Jersey


Mindy said...

I've lived in this town for 3 years and we have never gone to Black Beards Cave!!

I hope you didn't do Chinese at the place in the Plaza where the show was set up. I couldn't imagine eating something that was prepared in a kitchen housed in one of those moldy falling down buildings!!!

Did you know there is a garage under most of the cement part of that lot??

Crystal (I'm Asian) said...

Really Casey? Trying to eat JERSEY!!! Ew!

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