Thursday, June 04, 2009

Baby Tiger Pics...Well Kinda...

I guess I haven't been looking at Shonti close enough
Somehow, Sometime, she got big and heavy
Luckily she has been great at the little I ask her to do

I would root for this one to get me
She gets way better chances then Jai does


Dion said...

The theory goes that the tiger's growth is slow enough that your body can grow in strength along with the increased weight.
This of course does not help you handle the increased body mass as the cat gets not only heavier but longer and wider. Like balancing a orange and black sack of jello on your shoulders. Oh, and that sack can move under it's own free will. Carry on oh brave one.

dpowhitetiger said...

TIGER T-Shirt- Casey glad to see you wearing the EXXON Tiger teeeeeee...Little history on the t-shirt...Back in the early 90's when Trudy Strong was working Cuneo's tigers I caught them at the Richmond, VA. State Fair. Everyone with the act was wearing these EXXON shirts provided to them by the sponsor EXXON...Well, I wanted one and it just so happen an EXXON Rep. was present and took my name with a promise he would mail me one...About three weeks later it came in the mail...Within a few months Trudy and Cuneo Tigers headed to I believe KRONE.... Casey you have a piece of circus history from my t-shirt collection....Keep up the wodnerful work that you are doing on Kelly-Miller with your tigers....Long live the Casey & Natalie After Show Cookouts... I know the Lubin Group enjoyed the Hancock,MD cookout...Thanks..

PS: If you have to drive hundreds of miles to see Kelly-Miller do it...

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