Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Baby Pics...and Stuff

It's been busy lately
Had a ton of visitors
Had Dave Orr and the Lubin Tent visit
They brought me some cool t-shirts
Our friend Carol visited in Olney and in Westminster
She brought all kinds of good stuff
Including Brownies to go with the giant chocolate cake
We got from Steve and Ryans clown friend the other day
I can feel my pants getting tighter
We had Dick Flint visit in Olney and again today in Dallastown
And we had Joey Frisco come by the other night in Westminster
Needless to say
Between the visiting and grilling
Haven't had time for typing
Did practice a couple times each day though
I will hopefully have some video in the next couple days of some new stuff
With Shonti, and with the courbette tigers
Till then you will have to take these pictures of Genevieve

Baby is doing great
Sleeping well through the night
And growing like a weed
Should be doing hind leg stands soon,,,haha


Dion said...

It's no circus hype when I say your baby is one cute kid.

Rose said...

What an adorable child!

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