Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wrong On The Summer Thing...

Was I ever wrong
Had down pours, lightning, and wind all day yesterday
Horrible weather for a Bar B Q
But we had one any way, because we are tenacious like that
Had a bunch of visitors from the Blue Unit of Ringling last night
We spread ribs and cocktails in abundance
I had to much Gin and was feeling it this morning
Hate it when that happens
All good things in moderation
Then we drove the longest 27 miles to Camden OH today
We were held up by two,,,not one,,,two trains
One of which stopped over the crossing for 22 mins
I would like to know who at Union Pacific to write
About getting that half hour of my life back
Also two garbage trucks, and a school bus
Arriving on a lot that is wet getting wetter
Fun Fun stuff

Georgia took this pic yesterday of me on baby duty

Going to start a series of pictures this week that should be funny
Till then, thats all I gots

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