Saturday, May 09, 2009

Wapakaneta Cowboy...

Had a good visit with Dick Kohlreiser yesterday
Dick's son Mike was the front end of Franzen Bros.
The whole time I was growing up on the show
Dick also trained a llama named "Dick" which I worked
Several years in the mixed act on Franzen

Today the show is in Dunkirk IN.
Very tight lot with a side of mud extra sloppy
There was no place to park the cat truck anywhere
Remotely close to the tent, or any other trucks for that matter
No cats or motorcycle on wire today
Everyone else is commuting to the back door

Had a high speed chase through the parking lot
We moved to last night
I was sitting eating dinner when a couple of hoods ran between my trailer and Lucky's trailer, stopped, looked around, then ran off
Seconds later I heard sirens and thought I should step out and look
I caught a fading glimpse of the boys heading down an alley
Sheriff's jeep in hot pursuit
Very exciting stuff
Then a half hour later a cop came by to ask if anything was tampered with
We all answered "not that we could see"
He then explained they had detained a couple of kids who ran
When they flipped on the sirens to go after someone else...
Turned out they had admitted guilt in something just by running
Ah...the youth of today...

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dpowhitetiger said...

Dick ( the real dog catcher) what happen to that new Florida straw hat?

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