Saturday, May 16, 2009

Things You Might See Or Hear Around The Grill...

You might get a glimpse of a clown half in and half out of makeup...

Or you might see a guy banging on a guitar...

Or you might get lucky and hear Steve Copeland
Tell the story about shark penises being barbed!
That was a highlight to the day

In Batavia OH today
3/4 crowds
Good audiences
Did have a lady walk out after the cats and want her money back
She was sure the tigers were sedated
Which is really odd because I had two pretty sketchy acts today

First show the backwards shoulder stand cat Shonti
Jumped up on my shoulders and started licking my hair as usual
Then worked her way down to my ear (don't worry this is a G rated blog)
The decided to taste my ear
So I spent the rest of the act asking Natalie if I was leaking

Then the second show as the backward hind leg cat backs past the forward cat
And I am concentrating on walking the forward cat on two legs
The backward cat come lunging into me which she has never done
Lucky for me I saw her twitch and stopped her before she made contact
But it was close enough to get a gasp for sure
Sedated?? Really??


Crystal said...

Exciting night! Good work on always being alert!

Tell Steve that the exotic animal reproductive biologist in me is thrilled that he knew about shark penises! hahaha!


Susabelle said...

Mmm, ear. I tastes like chicken!

Margaret said...

Does he have the baby's binky in his mouth.!!.LOL..

Jack Ryan said...


I noted on FaceBook that the 18th is your birthday. Many good wishes for a great day with all you ladies, human and feline.


Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Thanks! I am so beating out the guys on Franzen who bet me at 17 years old I would never make it past 22,,,HAHA

It is his clown nose actually. We were trying to shoot a funny video of Ryan sneezing and his nose coming off hanging by the latex glue which resembles snot. We get bored from time to time, but always entertain ourselves. Please report after you visit my family on CM tomorrow.

B.E.Trumble said...

so...were you leaking? Be careful out there.

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