Sunday, May 24, 2009


I have been pretty behind on the blog lately
Mostly just laziness
Which is odd because last Wed. I hired my first groom for the Cats
Please welcome Ryan "Radar" Easley
My new right hand
He is doing very well
His father is an elephant man
And he really digs showbiz so I think he will work out just fine
Ryan the Clown did request that he get a new name (Because he was here first)
So, in true circus fashion, we found a physical feature to exploit

Radar has rather large ears, and we figure he hears quite well with them
He has been a huge help just in the first few days he has been here

This un-usual suspect however, should just be exploited for looking like this

Caught this clown heading towards A.O.'s bar and grill looking like this

Very strange...

Radar was lucky enough to see blood and danger his first week on the job
Tonight in the show when I did the backwards shoulder stand with Shonti
She was spooked and put two claws into my cheek
Not much of a wound,,,but lot of blood
Looked alot scarier then it was
Radar did have to go find a paper towel for me to wipe my face and neck off to finish the act
As good ol' Wilbur Behn used to say...


Crystal said...

Hey! Great pic of the cloon!

Hope the battle scars heal quickly!


Mindy said...

awwww you guys are mean!!! His ears aren't that big. Hope he isn't the sensitive type :)

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

If he was sensitive, he surely wouldn't have wanted to work for me,,,,LOL. I am an empty jar of empathy and compassion.

Doug said...

I didn't realize it was because of his ears.. I feel bad now, I thought it was just cause he was geeky looking and slept with a teddy bear

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

It isn't a teddy is a cute and snuggly little white kitty kitty,,,,lol
And watch it Pinochio, the "I feel bad now" remark probably gained you an inch

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