Thursday, May 07, 2009

More Pictures...

Many Thanks to Mrs. von Uhl for the photos

"Hallelujah whats that to ya
Hear it ringin all across the land
Can you feel it down in your spirit
Fire off the cannons
Fire up the band"
M. McClure


Jack Ryan said...

Excellent work, Mr. Cainen.

Those pics bring my old friend Charly Baumann's act to mind.

Keep on keeping on.


Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Too kind Mr. Ryan!

Jack Ryan said...

The cats just have a look and an attitude that remind me of Charly.

One little thing Charly always did, Gunther too, was to sort of have the cats (or a cat) have the last word in the act. Audiences always ate that with a spoon. That is badly articulated, sorry. I am far from being an expert on tiger training. But have studied all my life how and why the public reacts.

What you are doing looks great -- please keep at it! -- and I look forward to seeing you and your ladies in person.


GaryHill said...

Casey, I am so glad you expanded your cage! Do you still have room to make it a few sections larger? You are doing too good of job with Jai! Hate for her to land in your lap!

Michael Newton-Brown said...

Hey Casey,
Thanks for the pics. I appreciate it.
So, by the time the dog act is finished, you must be about loaded up , and ready to go.

The cats look great, and it's good to see Natalie back.

I sure wish the show was going to be somewhere near Florida.


Casey McCoy Cainan said...

I am going to start replacing the 5ft panels with 7ft panels one by one. If I changed them all I would have 44ft of arena. Then I would have room to jump her over two hurdles in a row.

Mr. Newton-Brown,
That is about rite on the timing. Cats open the show. Prop guys carry the arena straight from the ring out to the side of the truck. We push the cages in. I fill the water pans. Load the arena and aluminum fencing all before the dog act works usually (This is dependent on whether there is a cocktail break in there or not) Then as the dog props are brought out I load them. Natalie brings the dogs out on a wagon straight to the truck if we are in a hurry. Close the doors and fire up the grill. Lately, with the mud, it has been a little slower, but on a night jump we can pull out during intermission. This will be even faster and smoother with the addition of my new groom.

Michael Newton-Brown said...

Was bar tending skills part of the interview process for new groom?
That's a very specific set of credentials for a job description. Work with Tigers, Dogs, and mix cocktails.

I'm Southern, and always look forward to cocktail hour.

Please call me Michael, all that Mr. stuff makes me feel older than I wanta be.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

No I am afraid I didn't mention drink mixing to the lad. He just turned 21 about a month ago, I figure teaching him how to load the truck and feed the cats correctly may take most of the season, odds of him being able to mix a proper Gin Rickey or SoCo and Diet before the age of 25 is about 99 to 1.....HAHA

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