Friday, May 29, 2009

Gone Fishing...

Had a good time in Morgantown
Then had a great open day for the jump across the Eastern Continental Divide
Not a real long jump (115 miles) but chock full of
Hills, scales, and bad weather
We made though, and were set up around 10:00 AM
Spent the day fixing, cleaning, napping, and of course GRILLING
Armando had taken the elephants down by a little river near the lot
This made Radars day cause he is quite queer for elephants
He got some great pictures of them frolicking in the water
We also took the kids and Sue down to the river
The clowns and I spent some time trying to catch fish with our bare hands
It didn't work
So they devised a sinister plan involving tree limbs, string and hooks
To go back and get some today
It also didnt work
I couldn't pass the chance to take photos of the "poles" though
Looked like it was rite off the Flintstones

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