Saturday, April 04, 2009


Tell them that it's human nature

Couple of lasts for awhile last night
Last Bar-B-Q till after we get back to the show with our new baby
Was a good one......chicken and pork ribs
Steve and Ryan came by
Ryan bought a baby duck yesterday....for a pet
Because he is classy....that's why

It was also the last time Shonti will appear in finale
This is due to the two holes she put in my leg last night
Which were not her fault
After putting her seat...or target if you will
In the ring three shows in a row
For some reason no one did last night
So as we come in the curtain Shonti doesn't see point B in her
Point A to point B behavior and starts to get nervous
For anyone who has trained an animal this will make sense
Animals can be trained to go to a target where they know they are safe
Even if surrounded by scary things like a bunch of performers with flags
Well....we got to the back of the ring before I realized there was no target
Shonti panicked and grabbed my leg
She also released it as soon as I said "NO" and we quickly turned and went out
With me leaking a little from my leg
I was only mad at myself for assuming that by putting the target in
Three shows without me telling them, the props guys would remember
Jokes on me
So ends Shonti's finale career
We will have to wait till I come back from home with a new seat for her
And she will work in the act

Sometimes that is the reality check you need though
Makes you say "Thats right no one cares"
"Why do I care"

"It was over about as soon as it started,
Started easy then was done,
I looked at every car in the rear view for miles,
I was nervous every one, had to find myself a better place to run"
M. McClure


Anonymous said...

I can identify with this one!
Everytime, my own fault!
Heal up soon!
Catch up on my blog...

Ryan Easley said...

That pisses me off... I wanted to see it! Damn prop guys. Seriously?

Kenyo said...

I just added a link to "Circus Diaries" to my circus links page.

We love your blog and have enjoyed learning about Baby Shonti. And we look forward to hearing about Baby Cainan, too.

Best wishes, Ken

Kenneth Young Pensacola, Florida, USA
WEB --

Steve said...

You care because you're you.

That's why you're the trainer and they're the prop boys.

They're obviously the same all over the world.

The only cat I've ever had escape was thanks to a prop boy and the only real hole I ever got in me was likewise.

You're not the first and you won't be the last.

Jai's coming on real good.

Silly question - I guess you'll take them home with you?

Might have missed it but have you decided on a name for Bub yet?

All the best to you both.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Yes the cats are getting a couple weeks off. I considered hiring someone to work the act while I was gone, but there are not many options out there.

The tentative name for the baby is

Genevieve Evelyn Cainan

GaryHill said...

Sorry to hear about the bite! At least with the new baby you can heal up and hold the baby. Alittle break is good for everyone and everything sometimes. Best to you and yours!

B.E.Trumble said...

Never, ever assume anything, as the saying goes. Though the prop guys richly deserve...well...something. There's goes the first bottle of full strength Lysol of the season.

Jack Ryan said...


Thanks for blogging. And, good thoughts and best wishes to you and the Missus on your new arrival.

I look forward to getting the chance to see you act someday.

All good wishes,


Steve said...

After a bit of a break [and some practice at home] you'll probably find that Shonti won't even remember her little panic attack.

Nice names for Bub - I'll bet that big sister is getting excited.

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