Friday, April 03, 2009


Shonti debuted in the show yesterday
She walked in on a leash and jumped up onto her seat for finale
She did excellent
Did not seem the slightest bit concerned with the lights, crowd, or the music
I think this cat is going to be exceptional

Couldn't get any pics of her debut because Nat had to work the
curtain and keep a good eye on the action in case things went wrong
I will try to enlist a photographer for the show today

I will carry her around on my neck for finale soon...

"The laughing eyes of Ireland, sparkling blue and green,
With hair as dark as Guinness stout and barely seventeen,
We're back out on the cobble stones whiskey drunk and high again,
Liquored up and gearin up for seven nights in Ireland"
Reckless Kelly


B.J. said...

We are in Littlefield, Texas today. Birthplace of Waylon Jennings.

Ryan Easley said...

I'm there! I'll help ya out lol

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