Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Had a great last couple days on the show
Friends Ryan Easley and Crystal Eng came to visit
Ryan drove all the way down from St. Louis to see the show
Because the next week when we were closer the cats would be gone
He did what any good visitor to the show should do...
Brought a big fat bottle of SoCo for me,,,,LOL
After the show we went out to eat with friends and clowns
Actually one clown...Steve..
Ryan chose to stay home and play with his........DUCK
Senior Pato
I think Efram would be a better name but,,,,it is not my duck
We ate at this really good Mexican joint called Guacamole's
They however hired the worse sign painter in history
I think Steve could have done better with a box of Crayolas

The next day in Houston, MO
Ryan again came to visit...and brought two dozen Krispy Kremes
Weather was horrible, and by the second show it was snowing pretty good
We had a person to sick to work in the show
But was well enough to watch the show
Poor form......
Watching others work in 30 degree weather while you are all bundled up
I was always taught if you aren't working be were the people working can't
See you...
But obviously
Some were not

Then Tuesday morning we headed home
About 476 miles
Had a smooth trip
No Hassles in the gate by 7:00 P:M
And now we just wait for the baby

"I'm a bundle of fear,
I'm a pile of doubts,
But I hope through the fear,
And I pray it all works out"
M. McClure

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Ryan Easley said...

The classiest joint in Ava!

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