Monday, March 30, 2009

Scenes From A Mexican Restaurant...

We showed Idabel OK. yesterday
I have a good friend named Rod who is a DJ on the air there
And he is also the guest ringmaster for the show the last two years
Was good to see Rod, I didn't spend time with him this winter
I didn't even really gig much
Should have but I was busy as is the norm

Anyway, it was cool to see the ol' bandit
Even if it was a short visit

We had two very good sized crowds in Idabel
Then after the show Danny, Tavana, Arwen, Steve, and Ryan
As well as my clan
Headed down to Papa Pablanos Mexican Restaurant
Good times, and good food
As we were leaving the entire family Perez was coming in
I heard them ask for a table for 19
Thats alot of chairs

I have a suspicion we will have a new arrival on KMC by this time tomorrow
Not gonna say who, till I am sure, but I will mention I saw Armando in
A mad dash to get back to Hugo today

Good luck, and God bless my friends

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