Monday, March 23, 2009

Sake It To Me One Time...

Frisco turned out to be a great time again this year
Had good visitors
Great food, and lots of it
And very good business the whole three days
We went to the Sake' Grill last night for sushi and rice beer
Food was excellent, however the first waitress was a pain in the keister
She was a 40 something Japanese woman who did not seem to enjoy her work much
When I ordered green tea for Georgia she went on a rant about how it has alot of natural caffeine, and Georgia shouldn't have it cause it would make her not sleep

And I understood what she meant when she said all that...

But she wanted to go on about it.... a couple more times...

While outside for a smoke Ryan and I were coming up with hilarious scenes
of going back in and flipping the table over and screaming that we couldn't take the "natural caffeine buzz"

We finally got a waiter who was less obnoxious
But the food could not have come any slower
It started with Natalie getting her Shrimp Tempura 15 mins after we ordered
And about an hour later Steve finally got the Stuffed Tomato Rolls he ordered
As an appetizer...
We had already stuffed ourselves
So the waiter said "These are more like a dessert",,,,HAHA
Curious I asked Steve if they were sweet or at all dessert like

They were not.

Over all the food was great (Tiger Roll was awesome)
The service just sucked

We then ran into a herd of circus employees walking down the sidewalk
So we all went to Josephina's Italian Bistro for coffee and cheesecake
Had a great time telling stories and lies swilling down Irish coffee
Frisco Rocks! my friends

Here are a couple more candid shots I caught with the new camera

Which I still haven't figured out what half the buttons do

The Program

John Moss II and Johnny Moss III

Music Director Captain Lucky Eddy

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