Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Weakest crowd yet to date for the season.
Somewhere between a quarter of a house to half both shows
The only hope at this point is getting some build up from the stronger then usual, for this area, show
I just can't see this town being enough to keep us for three days

Patsy is doing an excellent job with the dog act
She needs little to no help
She's a natural!

The Clowns sponsored the Bar-B-Q last night
Visited the local carneceria and came back with a 10 bag-o-steaks
Good times at America's Dispensary and Grill
We ended up listening to Todd Snider's live album full of story songs that crack you up
We then chased it down with some hilarious youtube videos they knew of
My stomach hurt when I went to bed finally, from laughing so hard

"Credit complications in the check out line
an awkward situation almost every time
They keep your card behind
They keep your groceries too....yes they do"
T. Snider

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Anonymous said...

Ha, what are you thinking?!
You'd get a day off?
Hope the 'dress rehearsal' went well, LOL!
Love this blog thing...

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