Sunday, February 15, 2009


We made it to Brownsville
Opened Thursday to full houses
Been showing to straw since then
Even had to add a fourth show last night
10:30 PM show is kinda rough this early in the game
But we pushed through
Cats worked great, although Tora is set back a little
She is acting nervous of the people again
My own fault, should have spent more time with her before I put her in

Show is running pretty smooth all things considered
Flying act rigging takes up a lot of space in a tent
Something I never noticed I guess

Big thanks to my loving sis-inlaw for sending me Bobby's wardrobe
Already used it one show, and I think it looks GREAT!
Fits the western theme the show has gone with this year

I have more to blog about later tonight
I would like to discuss another blog that has caused
some turmoil here, and how critiquing circuses over the internet
really works (It doesn't)



Ben Trumble said...

Much to classy a costume for a tiger guy.

dpowhitetiger said...

Casey: Great Opeing date report..Look forward to many more Kelly - Miller reports and your tiger training sessions this season..../will catch up with you when you come east. The Best to you and your current family and the birth of your child in April.

Anonymous said...

Looks great wear them to get different boots


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