Saturday, February 21, 2009

Full House

Friday night in McAllen and we are finally filling the tent again
Hadn't really been full since last Thursday in Brownsville
Had the local tex-mex radio stations' vans parked on the lot yesterday
Cranking the hottest new hits...
Like I would have known...

Patsy Rosales Luna is now working the dog act
She is doing fantastic
She learned alot very quickly
I am stoked, as it means I DONT HAVE TO WORK THEM,,,,LOL

After the show we fired up the Grill and broke out a 12er of Sam Adams
I went for a bunch of ribs expecting to see Barbara Hoffman and John Strong III
But something must have come up, as no one attended the south Texas Sideshow Gathering

We did have the clowns come by
They were heading out to the club scene

"The shade tree mechanic is a dinosaur
You can't cuss, you can't smoke, or spit on the floor,
You can't hit on a woman cause she might sue,
You can't buy beer in this state past two"
J. Boland

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