Sunday, February 22, 2009

America's Own Rib Haus...

I must say
I am a barbecue master
Eat your heart out Emril Louwhatever...
I have invented a new sauce that comes from mixing two pre made sauces
I got three words for you de lish us
Three snaps in a z formation

Those are not my own lines
Humor from In Living Color
Men On Films
Remember that
I loved that show
Wayans, Jim Carey, Greer
Those guys were funny
Our Clowns however.....

Just kidding they are funny
Back to the grill
Sat out drinking beer and eating ribs last night after three packed houses
Got a little chilly here in the Valley
Could be worse
I here it is snowing somewhere else

The problem with a five day stand is that eventually the five days are up
Looking at tearing down tonight, and not liking the way it looks
Just think in another week we get to tear down every night for a few weeks
Fun Stuff....
Good Times....


dpowhitetiger said...

Casey: Like to hear about those 3 big Houses on K-M. Great Buzzz. Hope to see you in June. Just don't through during the CFA Vegas Convention. We have some key animal issues that will be discussed in Vegas. Ringling Red will be in town.

Kay Rosaires opening day was yesterday under Alain Zerbini BIG TOP in her winter quarters. Opening show was SRO / half house last night. By all indications today be a turn away..Kay has been doing SRO crowds to her regular in the building shows. Great to see a show that has all animals...She extended the run an extra week-end. She closes her show on March 15th. Circus Sarasota closes tonight after the entire month of February. Past couple of weeks crowds have been great. They jump to Ft. Myers next.

HOT FLASH: Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission Workshop
Meeting Feb.24th - 7:00 PM Gainesville,FL

Wed.,Feb. 25th - Civic Center -Kissimmee,FL - 7:00 PM - 201 East Dakin, By all indications Circus Animal Owners, OABA will be attending the meeting in force. If you know of animal owners in Florida please tell them about this Workshop. If these proposals are passed they will effect every animal owner in Florida. If just a learning process I plan on attending..We have other fronts that are presently being work on in MI., NY., CT.

The very best to the Cain family.

dpowhitetiger said...

SORRY: Boy did I ever mess up on your name....

The Very Best to the Cainan Family.

Anonymous said...

OK, we missed a great BarBQue...
We'll catch you in Mission...maybe we will be able to eat a rib or two by then...what's the receipt?
By the way, need dates and towns, I don't have your route.

Now,dpowhitetiger writes about meetings in Florida and law changes. I know nothing about this! Fill us in if you can! Sounds important!

I am updating my blog on Circuspace and requesting help following the Update...should post tonight...
Fell free to post the message on yours and send to anyone you think might help...

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