Friday, September 05, 2008

Dance Tiger Dance

Its a great day here in paradise
Just received the mp3 of brand spankin new, hot off the press,
Tiger shake your booty, music.

It is an original piece scored by the ever talented
Mike McClure
So you know its good!!
I am digging it fo sho
Kind of a rocky samba jazz thing...
It aint yo mommas Tiger act music
thats fo sho
I plan to video the act tomorrow working to the new beats
I will see about posting it on you tube or some other video highjacking site

Just started a 6 week run in the Chicagoland area
I dig Chicago
The people are a whole different breed here

It's a tar paper shack, whiskey and smack
Tow guns left on a five rifle rack
Sombody round here's gonna get killed
and thats for sure
F. Eaglesmith

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Ariel said...

What? No Japanese pop?

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