Monday, August 11, 2008

Detroit Rock City

Hey Yall'

Lots going on this past week. The show played Kelley's Island OH. Which entailed loading all the trucks on ferries and scooting a few mile across Lake Erie. The island date was a blast, the folks there really dig the circus. WHen we drove off the ferries at 8:30 pm Sunday night, hundreds of people were just sitting at the port to watch the show pull in for the annual date. I rented a golf cart (the local form of transport) and took Georgia and Natalie to the beach, and to all the other tourista hot spots. I also helped shuttle the school kids around the island for their school field trip.
Since the island we have been showing around the suburbs of Detroit. Met some really cool people yesterday Mary Ann and Joe Howell. They are white tiger fanatics, that know just about every sire to every white tiger ever born. Joe took some pics while they were at the show, I will post a couple. Or friend Rick has been out visiting as well. His friend Joe got us out of a jam last week involving a trailer drum. We can't say how great it was he was there to help.

The last is my favorite.
Tora looks like she is cocking the hammer back....

She's a house on fire,
She's got all those charms,
I'm a house on fire too,
But I got four alarms,
She's a summer storm,
I'm a hurricane,
One just blows through town,
One blows the town away,
I'm Wilder then her

F. Eaglesmith


Margaret said...

Good Morning Casey, just one question, is that a tattoo on your arm?

Anonymous said...

I love these pics Casey....and your wardrobe is looking pretty snappy there...LOVE the tattoo showing....


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